Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 x 1200 off 1600 float

Track session - the planned session was 3 x 1600 off 6 minutes and these were to be run pretty much flat out. I didn't fancy that after Sunday so decided on a bit of a hybrid session where I'd run 1200 quite hard, then my recovery was 1600m running at 90 seconds per lap.

After a warm-up of 5.8kms I went straight into it. Here are the times for the continuous effort:

3:48/5:56/3:45/5:58/3:41 (total 17 laps)

I felt great throughout which I was a little surprised at. Twas a lovely evening for running being warm and very little breeze.

All up 15.9kms with a 3.3km warm-down.

Spoke with Matt the coach as to the type of sessions I need to be doing in order to crack the 32 minute 10km barrier. The answer was lots of 5 to 6 minute efforts quicker than your target 10km pace e.g. 5 x 6 mins or 6 x 5 mins. Need to get my long run up to 2 hours as 90 minutes doesn't cut the mustard. Plus the usual track stuff on a Tuesday night which is geared more towards 5,000m over the summer. Sounds doable.

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