Tuesday, May 07, 2013

3 x (400/500/600) then 2 x 400

A run round the pitches and 4 laps of the track as warm-up (5.0km).

The session was above with recoveries of 60, 75 and 90 seconds. I decided I was going to take it really easy and for once I actually did - well at least until the last couple of 400's...

Numbers were way down tonight as the Galway 5km series is on - conditions were just about dry and a bit blustery but not too bad. Times were as follows:



A nice group of 4 of us taking turns leading out the reps. At the end of the 3 sets we had a massive 4 minutes recovery before the final set of 2 x 400's (off 60 secs). The coach mentioned 64 seconds as a target so went for that - on the first one I went through 100 in 15, 200 in 31 and then faded in the wind on the home straight for a 64 (may have been 63 as I stuffed up my watch). The second one was an action replay with a bit of traffic to dodge (definitely 64). Nice to run quick and not sure how I ever broke 60 for the 400...

A warm-down of 3.4kms. All up 13.7kms for the day. Proper training resumes next week.

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