Sunday, December 09, 2012

Triple header

Same run as yesterday. A little quicker today covering off the 14.9kms in 1:02:40 (4:12's). Quite nice just doing the easy running at the moment. I certainly don't miss knowing that you have a tough session ahead of you every few days.

Out again in the evening for more darts. Played okay but just not hitting enough big scores at the moment.

Got home to watch the end of the snooker. Mark Selby winning 10-6 against Shaun Murphy. A great win for the Jester and he is rewarded by regaining his world number 1 spot. Great viewing all week.

A total of 89.1kms for the week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

What is your typical taper for a half marathon. I know you reduce the volume but not the intenisity. Is there a percentage rule of thumb you use?

BeerMatt said...

Have a look at some of my lead-up weeks on the blog. I don't have a typical taper. Perhaps a speed session on a Tuesday, and maybe a small amount of half marathon pace on Thursday (say 2 miles). I'd also throw in one (maybe 2) rest days snd the rest would be very easy running. Good luck with your training. Matt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt.