Tuesday, December 04, 2012

5 x (400m/500m/600m)

Track night. As mentioned my plan for the month was easy running - but track night is my one time where I meet up for some group training so I thought I'd toddle along for a catch-up...

Conditions were cold. The track was damp with some icy patches along the home straight. Not much breeze though. The session was sets of 400m/500m/600m with 60 seconds recovery between efforts and 90 seconds between sets.

I started off really conservatively - but couldn't help myself in winding up the pace as we went through each set. Here are the times:


I felt good throughout - even after the the last couple of sets. To be expected I suppose as the recovery time was quite generous - plus I wasn't red-lining. By the last couple of sets I had managed to find a line down the home straight which didn't involve ice skating....good fun and a great group at the front.

All up 12.3kms with warm-up and down.

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