Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday track

3.5km warm-up with the lads.

The session was 1km, 4 x 2km, 1km (big session) and I was to try and hang on to Gary who was running at what is probably a cruise pace for him. The recovery was only 90 seconds...

Here's how the session panned out:

3:05, 6:15, 6:23, REST, 6:12, 3:02

Yes after the second 2km effort I had blown a gasket and hit to sit out the 3rd 2km. After around 9 minutes recovery I bounced back well to finish the session. I found this really tough and don't seem to be running at all comfortable at the moment. Perhaps the easy week will see me in good stead.

Finished up with a 2km warm-down to give me 13.5kms for the day.

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