Thursday, June 07, 2012

He was with me

Just in case Michelle is reading this, Fintan was with me this morning from 7am for our weekly tempo run. I dare say you weren't very happy when that alarm went off at 4:45am this morning...

The weather was wet and it was quite windy in places. I decided to use the flatter local loop today as I couldn't face being humiliated on the hills again. It's the old Claregalway 10km loop which is actually closer to 9.5km loop which meant that for a 12km tempo we'd be doubling up on a section. Owen was in attendance too and he continues to make strides after his fine London PB.

After a 2.2km warm-up we went straight into it. The legs still felt heavy but I seemed to be travelling okay as we ticked off the kms. I lead the session most of the way and I'd say I went through 10km in sub 34:30 before slowing a little in the last section which was gradually uphill into the wind. All up I covered the 12kms in 41:30 (3:28/km).

Happy with that. A little quicker than last week although not quite as far. We finished up with a 4.8km warm-down for 19kms for the day.

I'm beginning to like getting the session out of the way in the morning - you don't have it hanging over you all day. But in saying that I'm hopeless at getting out of bed before 7am...

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