Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 x 800m

I've decided to run the 10km on Thursday night out at Annaghdown so in preparation for that I decided not to overdo it on the track tonight.

A quick 15 minute warm-up with Fintan and Owen of around 3.5km. The session called for 6 to 8 by 800m off 90 seconds and with lots of people racing at the moment everyone took the decision that 6 efforts was plenty.

As is the norm, the first was a bit scratchy then I settled into a nice rhythm. My usual trick of a quick first lap (around 70 seconds), then a slower one - the ideal would be to run the effort at even pace. Here are the times:


Pretty happy with that. Conditions were spot on with very little breeze and I seemed to be running relaxed and moving well.

A 7 lap warm-down to give me 11.1kms for the day. Rest tomorrow.

On the drive home I eventually found the commentary for the England game on radio 5. You can imagine what the signal is like on the west coast of Ireland but that didn't matter as Rooney had just put England 1-0 up and that's how it stayed. Plus with France slipping up we top the group to play the Italians on Sunday night. It would be no surprise now if we make the semis...and all this from an England side that are at best very average...Hodgson is either very lucky or a genius. I'll let you decide...

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