Saturday, June 23, 2012

Almost 2 hours

I ran with Timmie and Owen starting at Roscam. Conditions were poor being very windy but at least the rain held off. We headed into town and turned at the driving range (Owen went shorter = sensible, massive headwind all the way). It was a lot easier coming back but the legs felt tired by this stage. Timmie made the call to show me an old training hill on the way back and that nearly finished me off. As we made the final turn into Roscam we had to stop at a level crossing to let a train pass. I wasn't sure I'd get going again...

All up 26.0kms in 1:55:33 (4:27's). Slow pace but the wind made it a really tough run. How the f**k did I run that marathon 8 weeks back?

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