Tuesday, June 12, 2012

4 x 2km

Out to Dangan. A warm-up of 3.7kms then found out the start of the session was to be on the grass. Threw all my toys out of the pram but decided to give it a go (3 x 6 mins with 75 secs recovery). After one lap of the grass pitches I was going nowhere (2 mins) so pulled the pin and wandered over to the track. Pathetic effort by myself.

Then bumped into Gary (a 2:17 man and I'm not talking 800m) who was doing 10 minute sets (2 km in 6:20, 1km in 3:40). Decided to jump in on the 2km efforts and we took turns leading out the first and last km. I ended up doing 4 x 2km and the times were:


It felt more comfortable than last week - especially the breathing. The thought did enter my mind that this was my dream target 10km pace (31:40) and whilst you may be able to hold out until 6-7km at the pace, the last 3-4km would be blue murder. A way to go I'd say...

Forgot to mention I had the luxury of a very big 3:40ish recovery today. I did a bit of walking and jogging (600m) whilst Gary continued on with his float.

I finished up with a 2km warm-down. That gives me 15.8km for the day once you add up all the bits and pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering...why 'going nowhere' on the grass?