Thursday, June 14, 2012

Solo Tempo

I don't think I'm going to race on the weekend so I decided to do the same session as last week (12km tempo). Running solo today with only the Garmin for company and the nice bleep each time you knock off a km.

The session was 2.2km warm-up, 12km tempo, 4.8km warm-down (all up 19kms).

I ran the tempo in 41:19 (3:27's). That's a massive 11 second improvement on last week! In my defence I'd say it's tougher running by yourself, plus the conditions were a little windier today. Here are the km splits:


I went through 10km in 34:27. The loop itself is about 9.3km so I'm doubling up on running 2.7km of the loop (it wouldn't be the easiest part of the loop either as a lot of that section is slight uphill). The 8th and 9th kms were tough (same as last week) as you are running directly into the wind coupled with a few nasty drags. The 2nd through to 7th kms are quite friendly.

Looking forward to the footy tonight. Lets hope Ireland can pull something out of the bag as it would be great lift for the country if they could put a decent run together.

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