Friday, February 14, 2014

Threshold run

Again terrible conditions outside so it was back on the treadmill. A 3km warm-up, and then a 25 minute threshold run, and then a 3.0km warm-down. All up 13.4kms.

I started my threshold run at 3:24/km pace but the heart rate wasn't getting high enough, so I eventually had to get up to 3:19/km pace before I was in the correct zone (no higher than 151). I ran 7.44kms during the 25 minutes so that's an average of 3:22/km. Felt great again today and I feel like I could be coming into a bit of form. Fingers crossed.

I will probably race again this weekend so will be hoping for better conditions. And I've also signed up for the Masters XC the following weekend (yes you've read that correctly). Galway will hopefully have a strong team so we are going in search of some vets medals at the national champs.

I cooked a curry in the evening from scratch. The recipe called for grated tomatoes as one of the ingredients. Well I'd never grated tomatoes before and for good reason - what a mess. I made a lovely red mush on the chopping board which I then forgot to add to the main dish. In my defence it did still taste very nice...

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