Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6 x 1km off 85 seconds

Another treadmill session. I don't mind doing the longer reps on the hamster wheel - conditions aren't a factor and I can wear my HR strap and monitor my progress very accurately.

The usual 3km warm-up and then into 6 x 1km off 85 seconds. I was running them in 3:05 and hence the 85 seconds recovery to keep the maths nice and easy (starting each rep every 4 mins 30 secs). I felt good today and interesting to note how the HR slowly creeps up at the end of the rep each time (it was high 140's for the first couple but up over 150 by the end of the session).

And then a 3km warm-down to give me 12 clicks on the knocker.

More snooker in the evening. In the first frame I resumed from where I left off 2 weeks ago - I was on a break of 64 with 3 reds still on but ran slightly out of position and left myself nothing. Shame as all the balls were on for a biggie. Played okay in the remaining frames with a further break of 35. I'd be a much slower player now than when I used to play as a young lad - I used to get down and crash the balls in but now think about it a lot more - especially the positional side of the game which is what's all about to be honest. The plan is to have my own table before I turn 50 - I just need to win the lottery first...

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