Sunday, February 02, 2014

Room 101

Another treadmill run. I'm a bit nervous about running on the treadmill as it seems to be harsher on my knee compared to the road (that may be contrary to what I've said previously but you live and learn). I started at around 4:30/km pace and gradually worked down to 4 minute clicks. All up 13.0kms in 54:43 (4:13's).

That's 101.3kms for the week. Another steady week in the bag without setting the world on fire. Hopefully I start to feel good soon and this will give me some confidence to get back to road racing.

Ding beat Judd in the snooker. Ding was the deserved winner and keeps winning lots of tournaments. I still can't see him beating an in-form Ronnie mind....

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