Tuesday, February 04, 2014

6 x 5 off 60 secs

The old 5 minute repeats with Fintan. Weather was bloody freezing but dry and a tricky breeze when running straight into it. A 2.2km warm-up and then game on. The first 5 minutes were tough and this seems to be the pattern for this session. The next couple we had the benefit of the wind, then doubled back for a couple of tough ones - and then a nice downhill stretch to finish with. Here are the paces:


A little better than last week but again I was having to work a lot harder than you'd like. Certainly nothing cruisey about it. I guess I still have a bit of a cold so hoping things will pick up once that clears.

During the warm-down it was apparent that I'd pulled something at the top of my right quad. Noticeable this evening but I'm going to try and run it out in the next few days. At least it has taken my attention from the left knee...

All up 15.3kms for the day.

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