Monday, February 17, 2014


A longish recovery run today (solo). I did a few of the local loops and covered 17.6kms in 1:13:19 (4:10's). Lovely cool conditions for running and it felt very relaxed and comfortable. I think I've finally cleared my cold, cough and splutters that I've had the last few months and the breathing seems a lot quieter.

Galway are sending a huge number of athletes to the National Masters XC on Sunday which is great to see. I'm going to make up the numbers and I'm not expecting much - especially if it's a mud-bath which is more than likely given all the recent rain and flooding. The location is called Cow Park in Co Meath and that doesn't conjure up images of nice, flat, firm meadows for running. I had a conversation with Owen on the weekend where I made the point that in my mind, XC running is so far removed from road running that I see it almost like a different sport (at which I'm no good). As you can see I'm getting my excuses in very early doors...perhaps all this negativity stems from those cold, wet, wintry runs we were forced to do as a junior in school (which everybody hated). Perhaps I need some form of counselling?

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