Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long Run

I've agreed to run in the Round Norfolk Relay again on Sep 14/15 and being desperately short of long runs I need to get some 2 hour efforts on the board to give me some hope of performing well.

Pace wasn't important today - I just wanted some time on the feet. I ran up to Carnmore, round the back of the airport, then along the Coast Road, then ran towards Galway, before turning right at the N17 for the long run home. All up 25.1kms in 1:52:11 (4:28's). Pretty shot at the end - especially so due to the quick turnaround from the race the previous evening.

That's 83.2kms for the week. Pretty good going - a couple of races plus the testing on the treadmill. If I can stay healthy than I should be back to where I was fairly quickly.

A great day on the final days of the Ashes this summer. Ruined by the ICC though and the daft rules that the umpires have to adhere to. Still, I'll take a 3-0 series win.

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