Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stats round-up

I finished off the week with a slightly longer run of 14.4km. Time 59:45 so 4:09/km. That's 46.8km for the week and happy to be back running.

So I'm up to 3,413.4km for the year thus far. That's an average of 11.0km every day of the year or 76.8km per week. Consistency is king - that's my philosophy.

I've been running now since the year 2000 - but I've only been keeping my training diary since 2001. Here's a quick snapshot by year:

2001 1,193.3kms
2002 1,835.1kms
2003 2,428.4kms
2004 2,689.7kms
2005 2,631.5kms
2006 205.8kms (injured - tendinitis of the left knee)
2007 1,954.5kms
2008 3,268.8kms
2009 3,528.4kms

So it looks like I'll easily eclipse last year if I remain injury free for the remainder of 2010.


Brick said...

Good stats, consitancy is certainly the key to this running stuff.
Happy to see you are getting over the Marathon even if it has taken a while a sub 2:30 will hammer yuor body for sure.
And it only goes to show how much if did for you.

BeerMatt said...

Thanks Brick. I was wearing my racing flats for the marathon (Asics DS Racers) which are quick to run in, but don't give the calves much protection. I think 2 weeks is about right to be back running and feeling pretty good. I'm not sure how some of the guys can race marathons on a weekly basis! Perhaps I'm just soft...

David said...

so your living proof that knee tendinitis can be cured? You give me hope!