Friday, November 05, 2010

Getting Better

Same run as last Saturday, this time covering the 9.4km in 39:40 (4:13's). I felt a lot better today, the calves are still tight but I think I'm well on the mend.

It's Friday so a few Guinness tonight. After all, it's good for you...

More photos to follow each day:

Probably a good time to say a few thanks for the help in the lead up to the marathon:

- my wife for putting up with this running obsession
- the Galway Harriers who have made me very welcome the last few months
- Matt for the help with the training
- Conor for the massage
- Brian who was my wingman for the weekend
- Clare and Christy for the fun bit after the race
- Fred for the photos

1 comment:

David said...

what a good photo , it says it all! congrats you ran a fantastic time, That's not a syringe in your hand is it? !!