Saturday, September 11, 2010

Very long

Met with the 2 Brian's and Johnny. Started with 4 laps of Dangan, then headed out on the roads through the city out to Salthill. Got caught up in a few heavy downpours put they soon cleared. We were joined by Enda so good to run in a group as it helps to pass the time. By about 2 hours I was getting tired and by the time we arrived back in Dangan we had "only" clocked up 20 miles. So we tagged on another lap to get us up to 22 miles. Running time was 2:43:19. That's 4:37 per km so certainly not quick.

Very tired by the end of the run and glad to get it over with. Another 3 or 4 of these 20 milers needed in the build-up to Dublin. I'll throw in some marathon pace soon just to make it extra hard.

Thoughts are now turning to what time I should be targeting in Dublin. Do I have a crack at sub 2:30? Umm, what's the worst thing that could happen...

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