Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mile Reps

Headed out to Dangan so I could run my miles on the track. After a 3.2km warm-up, I changed shoes for the track and after 4 run-throughs, I was off. My target was sub 5:10 per mile (well 4 laps to be exact) and the first one felt comfortable in 5:08. After 1 minute recovery, I ran the second rep in 5:07. All good so far. The third was completed in 5:06 so still getting quicker. I pushed the last one to run 4:59 so was pleased with the set - I felt pretty comfortable throughout so that was good after feeling tired all week.

I ended up running a couple of warm-down laps with Brian so that's another 6.8km. So all up the session was 16.4km.

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