Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Accelerator

The plan was to do a 20 miler and increase the pace throughout and run some towards the end of the session at marathon pace.

I was going to use my 9.3km Claregalway loop. Run the first lap easy, the second lap quicker, then the third lap at marathon pace. Then finish up with a few kms to get to 20 miles.

The first lap felt really easy. Good to get back to cooler climates and was running freely. This lap passed in 41:16 (4:26/km). I then upped the pace and again felt comfortable. The second lap was completed in 36:56 (3:58/km). Time for a quick drink, and I also changed into my racing flats for lap 3. I went off quick and didn't feel too bad. That said, I lost a bit of concentration in places and let the pace slip, especially towards the end of the lap. Despite that, I still covered the loop in 33:01 (3:33/km).

I finished up with a slow 4.9k warm-down. All up 32.8km for the day in 2:14:09 (4:05/km) average.

A good but hard session. Pleased to get it out of the way. That's 107.9km for the week so the 100km+ weeks continue.

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