Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long intervals

I woke up early not feeling too bad so decided to head out first thing to get this session out of the way. It was 3 x 15 minutes with 3 minutes recovery.

Again, I was using the flattish maze of paths - throwing in a section of road to come up with an out and back run that I thought would be around 15 minutes. After a 10 minute warm-up the fun began. Luckily the sun was lurking behind some clouds which gave me a little respite from the morning rays.

The pace was what felt like 10km race pace. I fell short of reaching my starting point after the first effort. So after 3 minutes of walking I was into take 2. This was tougher - the temp was rising and I was dehydrating rapidly. Again I fell short of my starting point - this time by a further margin than the first effort (only by about 20m). The shirt came off for the third effort. Despite really pushing this one, I only managed to get back to where I finished the first rep. Thank god that's over. A few kms warm-down and the session was complete.

All up I covered 17.8km. I would estimate I was running around 4.4km each 15 minute effort. Not a great pace but I certainly wasn't holding back.

And I passed my last CIMA exam today. More celebrating tonight!

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