Monday, September 13, 2010

Start of a new week

I'm following a marathon plan supplied by the GCH coach Matt from here on in. It's good to be told what to do - like following a recipe. Also, you do some new sessions you wouldn't normally do.

Today was 8km out and back. The aim was to run the return leg at least 2 minutes quicker than the first outward leg. The weather was pretty bad - very wet and windy but surprisingly not cold. I rugged up but once out there it wasn't too bad. In fact I was too hot! I ran my outward section in 35:09 (7.75km), then turned to run the return leg in 31:13 (approx 4 minute kms). I was pleased with that as I had the benefit of the wind more so on the outward section so the second half was tough enough.

Total 15.5km in 1:06:22.

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