Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two hours plus

I was back to the Bay. I started at the bubbler and ran the Bridges run. Felt pretty comfortable and ran this is 1:45:50 (quickest this year - 4:36/km), then a 5km tempo run at the Bay in 19:27 (3:53's), then a couple of slow kms to finish with.

All up 30km in 2:14:42 (4:29's).

The knee was the same as yesterday. Not getting any worse.

The weekly tally comes in at 91.7km. The last 4 days have been tough running 71km in 3 sessions. But that's just about it now volume wise. Next week I am at the track for some sharpening up. A 5km time trail on Tuesday (not planning on running this flat out), then some 400's on Thursday, and the 10km race in Canberra on Saturday (last hit-out).

Glad that I now have a rest until Tuesday night. A big sleep in planned tomorrow.

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