Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Didn't get a chance to squeeze in a run on the Monday - too much to do. My knee was getting worse so I made another dash for a massage in the evening. I'm not sure if it did any good but I at least had to give it a go.

On Tuesday I went to work in the morning and then headed to the airport in the afternoon. The flight was at 4pm so I checked in (no extra legroom available...), and soon I was on the flight. The actual flights were not too bad. I drank a few glasses of red wine to help me relax (5 to be exact). Good company on the plane which made the time go quicker. The amount of room you get on the flight is criminal but survived and a day later I was in Heathrow where my Dad was waiting to meet me. All good so far but the knee was still a big concern.

Drove back to Norwich where the plan was to keep a low profile until post marathon. So no going out, just plenty of rest and try to get over the jetlag as quickly as possible. In the afternoon (Wednesday), I went out for a light 40 minute jog and the knee was very sore. I kept telling myself it would be better the next day....

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