Friday, April 03, 2009

Dodgy Hip Flexor

A scheduled rest day today so no training. But I did have the small matter of a massage to get through.

As I suspected my left hip flexor had locked up. It was very stubborn (and painful) and after 30 minutes of continued elbow and thumb work some movement had returned. I won't miss these massages when the training is over. As a result the knee has immediately improved. I dare say it will tighten up again after tomorrow's race....

So the race plan is to beat my last time at Lane Cove from 2 months ago (35:59). Sub 35:30 would be good and sub 35 would be exceptional. I need to run a half decent time to get some confidence back so no pressure...I think my course PB of 34:32 is very safe which I ran just before last year's City to Surf. Cooler weather will help as last time it was very muggy.

A big rest planned for tonight. Lots of sleep and no beer.

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