Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elbow time

Started the day with a 7am massage. Left hip flexor was tight so warranted some 2 on 1 action. Straight in with the full force of an elbow at various angles. Worked wonders. A happy ending of sorts. Knee felt much better straight away. The rest of my leg muscle groups were not left out. Abductors, quads, hammies, calves, the full shooting match.

Decided to run after work so headed to Chittaway point. Ran at a very slow pace, say 5 mins per km and all up covered about 9km in 46 minutes. Nice to run with no goal, just to turn the legs over. As it happened both legs were quite sore (track from yesterday and massage). Hopefully I'll be fighting fit tomorrow ready for an easy track session.

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