Sunday, September 07, 2014

Long recovery run

A long run from Claregalway to Oranmore via the city to pick up my car which I'd ditched the night before. I was pushing hard but was always struggling to get the heart rate up into my recovery zone for most of the first half of the run.

Very happy to have this one over with. A total of 22.3kms in 1:24:19 (3:47/km). When I look at the splits I only managed to get into the recovery zone for 12 of the 22 kms so in that respect it was a bit of a fail. Certainly not a slow run for recovery....

That's 109.1kms for the week. A good week but stuffed up my 400's but apart from that not too bad. I find it much easier when the threshold running is broken up into segments so more of that please.

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