Tuesday, September 09, 2014

1 x 1600 then 12 x 400 off 60 secs

Out to Dangan on a glorious sunny morning. I ran a lap of the pitches to warm-up (3.6km) and then down to the track. A quick change into the flats and a few strides and it was time to get started.

First up was a 4 lapper just to get some lactate in the system. I ran fairly hard and clocked 4:54.6 and didn't even get out of my threshold zone....then 3 minutes recovery and then into the 400's (after first removing the top).

I wanted to keep the effort level constant and was hoping for similar lap times. After around 5 I was feeling the pinch and 12 seemed a long way off. But I kept battling on with each one getting slightly tougher then the previous one. Here are the times:

67.7, 66.2, 66.1, 66.1, 65.8, 66.3, 66.8, 66.4, 65.6, 66.1, 66.0, 65.2 (ave 66.2)

Looking back through the records that looks to be my best ever set of 400's - so happy with that. Heart rate-wise it would have been nice to push it a bit higher but I couldn't have done much more today. I was staggering around like an old soak at the end of the set...

A further 3.5km warm-down for 13.5kms for the day. I expect the legs will be destroyed now for a few days...

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