Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1 x 1600, 12 x 400 take 2

The same session as last Tuesday. Dreading it I was.

Perfect conditions. Track to myself.  Warm-up of 3.5km on the pitches, then strides, and straight into it. The legs didn't feel as good as last week and I was a little disappointed with the mile primer in 5:00.

The fist couple of 400's were also not great. But then I got going and was running each lap basically as hard as I could. I'd like to have gone quicker but I'm not sure my body has much more to give. Times were as follows:

68.7, 67.1, 65.4, 66.2, 65.2, 66.1, 65.8, 65.6, 65.2, 65.4, 65.5, 64.7 (average 65.9)

That's 0.3 seconds per lap quicker than last week - progress! But I wasn't elevating the heart rate as much as last week which is a little disappointing as it felt like I was on the red line.

A 3.5km warm-down and 13.4kms for the day.

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