Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Windy at track

The temperatures have really dropped again. It was well below 10 degrees and the wind had picked up considerably. It was going to be a tough one.

The session was 3 x 2 miles. Sounds easy enough but that's still 24 laps of running around the track. But at least we had the luxury of 90 seconds recovery!

After a 3.7km warm-up myself and Owen lined up for the session. The goal was to run it at 10km pace so that's around 3:15-3:18/km pace which equates to 5:14-5:19/mile. That target went out of the window after the first few laps - a very strong headwind on the back straight (complete opposite to the normal wind direction) and whilst you did get some tail-wind on the home straight, the sheltered nature of that part of the track by no means made up for the time lost running into the wind.

I gritted out the session as best I could but the legs felt dead (breathing was fine). Times were as follows:


Not too bad and I'd say the wind accounted for a few seconds each lap. Bloody tough mentally the 8 lappers it has to be said.

Finishing up with 2.0km warm-down for 15.3kms all up.

Darts in the evening. A win in the doubles and a loss in the singles. Both games went to a deciding leg and both times I was throwing second. I played well enough in the pairs and hit the winning double; the singles was a very close game. The standard of darts was very good in the decider. I had hit 140, 125, 94 and a few lower scores and I had set myself up nicely leaving double 12. My opponent then took out 120 to win the match. Close but no cigar. And to make matters worse we lost 5-4 overall! Alcohol was the winner...

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