Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Another track session. It didn't sound too bad - 4 x 400, 18 minutes tempo, 4 x 400. One minute recovery between the 400's, then 2 minutes recovery before the tempo; 3 minutes after the tempo.

Conditions were good enough. A bit of breeze around and nice and dry. I rattled out the session as follows:

18:39 for 5.6km (I went through 5km in 16:36)

With warm-up (3.7km) and warm-down (2.0km) it's another 14.5km for the week. I didn't feel particularly great but it's another session in the bank. Tick it off and move on...

I bumped into Gary who is running the Rotterdam marathon on Sunday and wished him the best of luck. The target is sub 2hr15 which will get him the Olympic qualifying standard. To put that time into context you need to be running at sub 3:12/km pace which is quicker than my 10km pace! Come on Gary!

League darts was cancelled but we still got together for a game. I had to play in a mini-round robin to decide what players from the pub go forward for the end of season singles competition. I played 3 games, won 3 games and easily progressed. I played well considering I haven't practiced recently. The taper must have done me good...

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Brendan Davies said...

Hey mate, an old running mate of yours in Oz, Wayne Bulloch, is also running in Rotterdam, aiming for a sub 2:40.