Saturday, April 14, 2012

Varying the pace

Today was a total of 12 miles broken up as follows:

2 warm-up
2 @ marathon pace
1 @ 10km pace
2 relaxed
2 @ marathon pace
1 @ 10km pace
2 warm-down

It was very sunny and bright but was also windy. I ran local and cheated so that I had the wind directly behind for both the miles at 10km pace. That was fine though it meant I had 2 nasty efforts into the wind running at marathon pace. Robbing Peter to pay Paul and all that.

The run was continuous (no breaks). The times for the quicker miles were:



All up 19.3km in 1:17:40 (average 4:01/km pace). Still not on top form though I feel better than I did yesterday. A few beers tonight and I'll be flying again.


Anonymous said...

I have a lovely picture of you giving two fingers to a bus-load of tourists at the finish line of a race in Spiddal last year, that denied you your victorious race finish! Such a display of sportsmanship and just what Bord Failte needs, from an Englishman, no less!!!

Anonymous said...

In defence of Matt, nearly being run over by a bus during the final sprint of a road race would result in a little annoyance in most people (especially when you are winning!). I also think that racist comments like that are outdated and uncool....

Anonymous said...

You misread my comment, or rather I miswrote it. I am the Englishman!
Sorry for the confusion, as it was only a lighthearted comment. Yours in running...

BeerMatt said...

Thanks for the comments - no offence taken! I'd like to see that photo - my annoyance was aimed at the coach driver and not the tourists. Whoops. Keep on running!

Spartan300workout said...

Great workouts, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward for more updates, Congratulations for a great job well done.