Sunday, November 02, 2014

Half PB?

Another long threshold run today - basically a replica of the run I did 2 weeks back in just over 1hr 12 minutes.

Conditions were cold, a bit damp and quite windy. I did my 2km warm-up and then straight into it. The first 4km was straight into the wind and was tough going - then as I changed direction it got a lot easier. I was consistently running sub 3:30/kms for the first 5km but then for the middle 10kms I was running consistent 3:20's and it felt effortless. The last 6km it was a bit tougher as I was hitting the wind again but the pace didn't really drop much. I felt really strong until the last couple of kms but the wheels were still ok. All up 21.1kms in 1:10:45 (3:21's). A PB which I can't really claim.

Certainly a great confidence booster 3 weeks before my target half. I'd say there is more to come effort wise as it always felt like I had an extra gear today which is nice to have when racing so you can drop in the surges.

A slow 1.6km warm-down to give me 24.7kms for the day. The sub 70 half is firmly on the radar now.

Oh yeah - 89.6kms for the week,


John Redding said...

Hi Matt,

That looks like a pretty good training run.

just wondered, what % do you use for your zones? i.e is recovery 65-70% etc.


BeerMatt said...

Hi John, my zones were set as part of a lactate threshold test. They are not calculated using percentages. I can offer this test as part of my small business (Fitness Analytics)!

John Redding said...

Unfortunately Matt I don't live in Ireland but your training has definitely got me thinking. When you are in your recovery zone (which is still quite quick pace wise) how is your breathing? Are you conversational?


BeerMatt said...

That's a good question John. I'd be working quite hard in my recovery zone - I wouldn't call it conversational. If I was to start talking I'd lose concentration and drop out of my zone! You have to keep focused to make sure you're keeping the effort level constant.