Friday, April 12, 2013

A few pints

9.5kms in 40:10 (4:14's). Legs still heavy so will rest up tomorrow.

A few beers tonight and then travel to Dublin tomorrow. I ran 32:54 at the Phoenix Park in 2011. I went through 5km in 15:50 and that was my race over (mushroom cloud)! If I break 33 again I'll be very happy and there the added incentive of picking up another national title to add to my 3,000m and half marathon.

Tiger looking good in the Masters.


Kristian Day said...


Stumbled onto this blog a few months back when I was considering getting back into some road running after a couple of years running through the woods.

Needless to say I'm loving your style, you're an inspiration! Ran a 34min 10km PR today after following a steady beer based diet for the last few weeks.



BeerMatt said...

Thanks Kristian. Glad you enjoy the blog. Well done on the new PR - good going. Let me know if you have any questions. Matt