Friday, February 04, 2011


The weather is still very bad - completely inadvisable to run outside as the wind is that strong it could literally blow you over. So decided to run from home to the gym, do a bit on the treadmill and then jog back.

It took me 3 mins 34 secs to run to the gym with the benefit of the wind. I then ran 8km on the treadmill in 32:33. I ran 2 x 1km cruise intervals @ 3:25 pace midway through this to get the legs moving and the heart-rate up. I then ran home in 4 mins 15 secs and in parts it felt like I wasn't moving. Onlookers in their cars must have thought I was mad.

All up 9.7km for the day. Rest tomorrow in preparation for the XC on Sunday. I think my loathing of XC started at school. But that was over 20 years ago. Surely it can't be that bad? The course itself is 1 x 1km followed by 6 x 1.5km (total 10km). So 7 laps in total and we are race 14 of 14. The course will be nice and cut up by then. My aim is not to get lapped...

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