Friday, February 11, 2011

2 x 12 minutes

I don't like or look forward to these longer sessions. But I believe they are the reason why my running has improved in the last 9 months.

I ran close to 17 minutes warm-up as I ran from the out-laws to the start of my course. The outward section is more uphill (not steep - but some gradual drags) and I started running at a pace that felt quicker than 10km race pace. My first checkpoint (bridge) showed I was running well and I went on to pass the 3.6km mark in 11:41 and I continued running until the 12 minutes was up (so close to 3.7km). I've just had a quick look at other times I have done this session and I'm confident this was my quickest.

I then had a 3 minute walk recovery before the return journey. I was feeling confident that I could go a bit quicker but as soon as I started I realised I must have had the benefit of a slight tailwind on the outward section. I battled on and again at the bridge I was on for a quick time but I didn't have it in the legs to really nail the finishing section crossing the start point in 11:52 (11 seconds slower) before running on for the full 12 minutes.

A difficult session to do by yourself but a good one nonetheless to get under the belt. As mentioned, I ran this session if running at race pace but for whatever reason you seem to be a few seconds slower than you would be if racing. Perhaps the Adrenalin of race day makes the difference and gives you that extra one per cent.

I finished by running back to home. All up 14.4km for the day. Happy enough as the legs didn't feel too fresh today.

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