Friday, December 26, 2014

Fields of Athenry 10km

A bit of a stinker of a day. Cold, wet and miserable. Arrived and did a few miles warm-up but was still very cold. Lined up at the start and soon we were underway...

The plan was to run the first half in under 16 minutes and then hang on. We certainly had the benefit of the wind the first half of the race and whilst the 2 leaders (Mick Clohissey and Sean Hehir) disappeared up the road, to my surprise I was left alone in 3rd place with no company...

The kms were ticking by but I was still very cold and couldn't feel my hands. The pace was okay but it wasn't really happening. A left hand turn around 4km and then the run up to the halfway point. I passed the clock in around 16 minutes but the marker was a bit further down the road and I think at this point I lost my focus. Just get to the finish and back in the dry!

The run home was certainly tougher. Into the wind and a few drags to contend with. Plus a few areas where you had to plough straight through some flooded sections of road. By the time I reached 9km I was done and I coasted home using the nice downhill trying to soak up the finish as much as possible.

I crossed the line in 32:46 for 3rd place with Mick taking the win and Sean in 2nd. My best finish in this race and my best time but in all honesty I had a poor run. I just didn't have the fight today. That said my preparation was far from perfect!

A few kms warm-down with Gerry to give me 17.2kms for the day. Back inside to change into warm clothes and for the presentation. I never seem to run well on this course but you can't help but really enjoy the event. Over 1,200 people turning out on a rough old day but that certainly didn't dampen the spirits. Well done to Athenry AC for hosting the most popular 10km in the West.

Here's me on the podium with 2 of the finest runners in Ireland - gotta be happy with that!

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