Saturday, January 05, 2013


Today was a bit of a struggle - decided to head out mid-afternoon as the rain subsided. As I ran up to Carnmore I was greeted by a huge convoy of runners running in the opposite direction. Turns out it was a fund raiser for Lily-Mae, a local girl suffering with a rare childhood cancer. Everyone looked to be having fun and fair play to anyone who covered the entire run from Ballinasloe to Claregalway which must be in excess of 60kms. Great to see.

Well this gave me just the motivation I needed. I was wearing new runners (Asics 2170) and you really notice the difference after wearing old trainers. I ended up covering exactly 20kms in 1:24:58 (4:15's). Felt surprisingly good after last night.

I then got home and read a text from Fintan that he'd done 35kms at the same pace. My bonfire had just been p!ssed on...


Anonymous said...

Matt, do you have any rules to follow on these long runs as such? Keep steady until you feel like jelly or do you always go the distance/time?

BeerMatt said...

Hi Anon, I don't really have a rule as such. I'll always try and set out to run for a certain time or distance, but if part way through I'm not feeling up to it then I'll cut it short. If you gradually build up the long run over time you should be able to cope with it will avoid the jelly state. Good luck with your training. Matt