Tuesday, November 13, 2012

8 x 800 off 75 seconds

Track night - very damp underfoot but it had just about stopped raining and the wind wasn't really a factor. A 2.8km 7 lap warm-up so get things rolling.

The session was 800's off 90 seconds - until we were just about to start and it was revised down to 75 seconds. My usual sparring partners were not in attendance so it was just me against the clock. I decided I'd try and keep them around 2:30 and was pleasantly surprised to run them a little quicker than that. Here are the times:


I tried running the penultimate one running really relaxed as I tend to tense up too much in the upper body and judging by the time that experiment failed. I had a slower group to target on the last rep and that helped get me back on track.

Happy enough with that. All my track sessions of late seem to suggest I'm in decent form so I just need to transfer that form to a race (not drinking heavily beforehand will definitely be a good start).

A quick 2km warm-down to give me 11.2kms for the day.

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