Tuesday, November 06, 2012

12 x 400 off 35 seconds

A quick track session tonight. An 8 lap warm-up, then straight into it. Conditions were pretty good - dry with a touch of a breeze but nothing to worry about.

An unusual recovery time of 35 seconds and the goal was to run them a couple of seconds slower than the 400's from the previous week. I thought 72 second laps would be a nice target so that's what I aimed for. The session called for 16 reps but as I was racing on Sunday I decided to cut it short at 12. Here are the times:


I was taking turns leading out the laps with Fintan. After a sluggish start the times were very consistent. Despite the short recovery I felt in complete control and could have continued on no problem.

A 3.5km warm-down around the block to give me 11.5kms for the day.

The Old Man is back in town as of today. That gives me more time to train but any benefit is cancelled out by extra visits to the pub. That has already started with me winning comfortably at our first game of darts in the local. That's despite a big toe which I could hardly walk on after tonight's reps. Time to visit the doctor...

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