Saturday, November 17, 2012

4 x 5km

I got the call from my international training wingman (Fintan) and he was planning on running 4 x 5kms. Sounded manageable so that's what I did.

Warm-up of 2.5kms. Then 20km continuous - with target paces per km of 3:54/3:36/3:54/3:36 for each 5km block. Today it felt pretty comfortable - the start of the last 5km was tough as we were running into the wind into an icy shower but when that passed it became a lot easier. Actual paces were 3:52/3:34/3:53/3:34 so pretty much spot on (albeit a tiny bit quicker than target).

Finished up with a warm-down of 1.2kms to give me 23.7kms for the day. A good run - enjoyed that one.

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