Thursday, September 08, 2011

An hour and five

I developed a sore throat so rather than do some speedwork, it's probably sensible I take it easy for a few days. Instead I went out for an hour at lunchtime and ran some of the local loops. I ran for exactly 65 minutes and covered 16.1km in the process (4:02's). The legs still feel tired and heavy - I suppose that's a hangover from the half last Sunday.

I'll do an easy 40 minutes tomorrow followed by a rest day on Saturday and I should be good to go on Sunday. A 10km PB is the target...time to break 32:30...

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Dave Kane aka 'Kanser' said...

Best of luck in break 32:30, think about smashing Tom's pb and you'll do it.
In relation to a question you asked about tempo pace, Daniel's in the 2nd edition of the running formula covers this topic.
Based on a 10k time of 32:11
Your V02 = 67
Your tempo pace = 3.21. This is the pace you should run at for 20 mins. There's been loads of tests completed to show that 20 mins at tempo pace provides significant benefits.
If you want to run longer
25 mins - 3.24 pace
30 mins - 3.27 pace
keep adding 2-3 secs...for every 5 don't want to race your tempo effort