Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Track surprise

The weekly session at Dangan. I did a 25 minute warm-up and ran with Brian. A slow pace and estimate just over 5km.

Then to the track where we were given our session instructions. The main point being we weren't on the track tonight. It was a 5 minute tempo run along the paths to a new location where a small grass hill awaited. Then 16 minutes continuous hills, finishing off with 5 minutes tempo back to the track. The rest interval between each was 2 minutes.

The session went okay. The hill loop was taking just over 1 minute and you had to keep the pace moving both up and down the hill. It was made harder by constant overtaking which meant that you had to run through the longer grass. All for the good I suppose. I think I managed 14 complete laps and was about three quarters of the way through the 15th lap. A tough session for me (I hate hills) but a good strength session for upcoming longer races.

After the tempo run back to the track, myself, Owen and Timmie decided to do another 4 laps on the track (well I bullied them into it). After a good couple of minutes rest we set off and I started to feel a lot more at home running 5:03.

I finished up with a further 2 miles warm down and that equates to around 17.2km for the evening. I started to feel better as this session progressed and hopefully I'm now on the mend after a week or so of feeling not quite right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt
That Gerry Ryan is some machine, i wonder whats his secret :) ,i hear you might be doing Dublin marthon this year, is this true, just wondering what kind of runners do you wear running you marathons as i am doing Dublin marathon myself so i will be buying new runners soon and dont know should i get racing flats

BeerMatt said...

Gerry just has lots of talent!

No truth in me running Dublin I'm afraid.

I've done all my recent races in Ascis DS Racers (racing flats). From 5km up to marathon. I haven't had any problems. Some people may use a slightly heavier shoe for the marathon (e.g. Asics DS Trainers), I guess it all boils down to what you are used to. I wouldn't wear my normal running shoe for the marathon (Asics 2160) as they would feel too heavy. If you decide to use a racing flat I'd recommend you at least try them for a half marathon before the full. Regards, Matt

Anonymous said...

cheers Matt
Great feedback