Friday, September 09, 2011

More on tempo running

I'm still not feeling great - cold and sore throat. I headed out for a short run and ran to the river and back adding on an extra bit on the way out. All up 9.9km in 41:18 (4:10's).

In relation to my earlier post on tempo running, Kanser recently added the comment below which I'm sure he wouldn't mind me posting here for everyone's benefit:

In relation to a question you asked about tempo pace, Daniel's in the 2nd edition of the running formula covers this topic. Based on a 10k time of 32:11, your V02 = 67 and your tempo pace = 3.21. This is the pace you should run at for 20 mins. There's been loads of tests completed to show that 20 mins at tempo pace provides significant benefits.If you want to run longer then 25 mins - 3.24 pace, 30 mins - 3.27 pace, etc. Keep adding 2-3 secs...for every 5 mins.
Very useful and many thanks. I don't have a copy of the table but I'm sure it's out there somewhere on the web so you can look up other tempo paces for differing 10k times. Please let me know if anyone has a link and I'll post it.

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