Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moving on

I bounced back after yesterday's below par performance and felt really good today. The legs felt fresh and you wouldn't know I'd done a session the day before. Strange. I'm still coughing away but hopefully the lungs will clear in time for the weekend. All sorts of germs flying round in our house with the wife and kids both struggling the last week so I guess I may have copped a bit of it also.

9.5kms in 39:26 (4:09's) and perfect cool conditions for running.


Anonymous said...


Just out of interest, would you use a gel in a 10 mile race? Or is it too short?

Also, would you use any gels in a half marathon?

BeerMatt said...

Hi there, personally I wouldn't use gels for a 10 miler or a half. I've only used them in the marathon. I try not to even take drinks in a half but that can change if it gets warm similar to the conditions for the National Half Marathon in Athenry last year. Good luck with your training. Matt