Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 x (1km / 60 secs / 400m / 90 secs)

The last big track session before the Craughwell 10. Good conditions - bone dry and only a bit of breeze around. Very fortunate to have the help of Gary tonight (again) for the kms, plus Keith for the 400's.

Usual warm-up around the block then a couple of laps of the track. Straight into the session and sat behind Gary for all of the kms. That's no help to him whatsoever but hopefully I'll keep improving and will soon have the confidence to take out a few of the reps. The times were very consistent and it takes all of the hard work out of it as Gary drags you round at exactly the right pace. Basically one less thing to have to think about.

These were the times:


Another very pleasing session. That's 3 weeks on the trot now where I've really nailed it on the track and I feel like I'm in PB territory. Hopefully I can carry this form over onto the road in upcoming races. Perhaps I could have pushed the 400's a bit more - the coach said I should be down around 67's but that aside the times for the kms were really pleasing. Averaging 3:02's and it felt a lot more comfortable than the previous week. Pleasing signs. I should add that I used the 90 secs after each 400 to take a very slow 200m walk/stumble/jog back to the start line ready for the next km.

A warm-down of 3.7kms to give me 16.2kms for the day.

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