Sunday, May 03, 2015

I missed a sitter pink on 56....

Here we go - another week done and dusted:

Mon - Claregalway recovery run 11.1kms 42:30 (3:50's)

Tue - Treadmill recovery run 10kms 36:05 (3:36's)

Wed - 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold 32:46 (3:17's), 2km down

Thu - Treadmill recovery run 10kms 36:10 (3:37's) plus 5.3kms easy with Mayo AC

Fri - 2km up, 12.5km outdoor threshold 44:11 (3:32's), 2km down

Sat - Claregalway recovery run 9.5kms 37:33 (3:57's)

Sun - Belclare 10km 32:46 - all up 16.9kms

Total for the week 93.3kms

A busy week. Out on Wednesday (snooker - highest break 56), Thursday (concert in Galway - The Twlight Sad) and Friday (concert in Dublin - the Charlatans). Training suffered a bit made worse as I was stuck at home so was on the treadmill....

I raced on Sunday and was using it as a good threshold hit-out. Quite windy and after a good first 3kms I hit the wind and drags and I backed off a bit. I finished up running 32:46 for another win but the course was a little short so that time flatters me.

Happy enough with the week. Time to pick a target event and work towards that as I lack a bit of focus.

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Keith S said...

Cork City Half on June weekend Matt for some focus, need to get you down here for a possible win, you're in great shape and always enjoy your updates.
Best of luck Keith