Sunday, August 02, 2015

The week of the National Half Marathon

Well it wasn't the week I was after but you only get out what you put in!

Here goes:

Mon - Claregalway recovery run 9.5kms in 36:48 (3:52's)

Tue - 2.5km up - 20 x 30 secs at 10km pace, 2.2km down. All up 8.0kms.

Wed - Treadmill recovery run 10.0kms in 35:53 (3:35's)

Thu - Easy 8.3kms with Mayo AC

Fri - Easy treadmill run 6.8kms in 30:00 (4:25')

Sat - Rest

Sun - National Half Marathon 12th overall and 1st in Age Cat 1:10:45

I knew I'd gone off the boil a little the last couple of weeks - too busy with work and Dad was over so there were a fair few visits to the pub for some darts and fun. Plus the Galway races on the Friday - not ideal preparation! I lined up for the race and felt good - conditions were calm and there was a good crowd. Settled into my running and felt great the first couple of kms. Then we turned off the quay and a short-sharp hill really knocked me and I seemed to struggle a bit thereafter. That was pretty much the pattern of the race - a good couple of kms and then struggling for a while. Very patchy and I just couldn't settle into a rhythm. The course wasn't great but I was still going well at 10km (32:50) and I was running solo by this stage. There was a horrible straight section as we worked towards the Phoenix Park and I just couldn't get going - this continued as I entered the Park and I was struggling to run 3:30's on a narrow path. Then we took a left turn and I managed to lift the pace for a good couple of kms. With 2 miles to go I knew I still had a chance to break 1hr 10 but it just wasn't happening and it was back to struggle street. Very strange as there was no middle ground - some good, some crap. I crossed the line in 1:10:45 which was still a good run but I know I can do so much better than that. In speaking with others it seemed that most people struggled and not many were pleased with their times. Maybe the humidity was a factor? Plus a tough course? Who knows but I must say I won't be rushing back if I was chasing a time. Still another National title and I only missed my PB by 15 seconds so when you look at it like that it wasn't all bad.

Me outside a pub. Pretty much sums it up:

Only 64.7kms for the week. I'll take it easy next week and see if I can pull something out of the bag for the much loved Streets of Galway 8km.

Lots of fun Sunday lunchtime onwards as me and the old man hit the pubs of Dublin. I was certainly hitting my straps on the drinking front....


TokyoRacer said...

Fastest in your AG in the country - have to be happy with that. Congrats.

Keith S said...

For me its a bad course Matt, I did it last year and skipped it this year due to that, I know that sharp uphill you mentioned early on , a killer , still a great AG win and time.

Well done Keith.