Sunday, August 16, 2015

Holiday in Donegal - training suffered!

I have this to report:

Mon - Treadmill recovery run 10.0kms in 36:42 (3:40's)

Tue - Tuam AC easy running 12.3kms

Wed - Gortahork recovery run 13.3kms in 54:22 (4:05's)

Thu - am: Marble Hill easy beach run 4.4kms, pm: Gortahork recovery run 10.0kms in 39:34 (3:57's)

Fri -  Gortahork recovery run 11.5kms in 45:33 (3:58's)

Sat - 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold run in 32:24 (3:14's)

Sun - Claregalway recovery run 14.8kms in 56:50 (3:50's)

Total for the week 90.3kms

Another crap week so time to get back into it. We had a great time in Donegal and the weather was good. Some fantastic scenery but very hilly for running. Arrived back in Galway on Saturday and decided to do my first threshold run in 3 weeks. It was tough but I survived. The pace wasn't great so I've definitely gone backwards but that's to be expected.

Next week I'll be back proper training. There is the Claregalway 10km on Saturday evening so I'll use that to see where I'm at.

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